2023: The Construction of Media Literacy Course for Thai Elderly Through Participatory Processes

The widespread of misinformation and disinformation through media and the negative effects of media consumption on elderly’s well-being have pointed to the necessity of creating a media literacy course suitable for Thai elderly and can be taught by the elderly themselves so that it can be easily applied in all areas of Thailand. The objective of this article is to present the use of the participation process in the research and development of media literacy courses for seniors, which are divided into three phases: 1) participation in the development of content issues and learning methods, 2) participation in content adaptation and learning activities, and 3) participation in curriculum implementation. The participation resulted in a set of knowledge from the “insiders’ experiences”. This was then integrated with the concept of media literacy and elderly learning to design the course content and learning activities under the interconnected concept of “self-awareness-media literacy”. Adding to this was the analysis of factors facilitating the elderly’s participatory practice, which included creating a culturally safe atmosphere, demonstrating equal positioning of the researcher and elderly participant, and the researcher’s readiness to change or adjust the participatory process to accommodate the elderly’s daily life structure.

Doungphummes, N., Sasiwongsaroj, K., Bhibulbhanuvat, S., Boonrugsa, T., & Suebwongsuwan, S. (2023). The construction of media literacy course for Thai elderly through participatory processes. Journal of Communication Arts, 41(2), 120-138. https://so02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jcomm/article/view/255572

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