• July 15, 2022
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The 4th year project: the establishment and launch of the Intelligence Center for Elderly Media Literacy

The 4th year project: the establishment and launch of the Intelligence Center for Elderly Media Literacy. The Center has three main roles, as follows:

1) Knowledge hub for educational resources

Data analysis and synthesis for presentation on the Center’s webpage can be categorized into two:

  1. a) Primary quantitative and qualitative data gathered from the operation of the Center, including survey results on the impact of media use among the elderly, the implementation of the Wai Petch Media Literacy Curriculum, and tools used to measure or assess relevant activities.
  2. b) Secondary dataset compiled from the analysis and interpretation of local and international academic publications about media literacy and the elderly that can provide conceptual and practical recommendations.
  3. การพัฒนาหลักสูตรวัยเพชรรู้ทันสื่อและนวัตกรรมเสริมสร้างการรู้เท่าทันสื่อ


  1. Development of the curriculum on media literacy and innovations


The Wai Petch Media Literacy Curriculum is intended to serve as a model course for those working in media literacy promotion for the elderly across the country. It is hoped that it will be updated to reflect the behavior and impacts of media consumption among the elderly. Emphasis is placed on utilizing the curriculum’s material to expand the results in multiple areas to continuously develop and enhance the curriculum. Its operations consist of:



  1. a) Promoting the use of the Wai Petch Media Literacy Curriculum and evaluating its implementation in order to collect information that can be used to further develop and improve the curriculum so that it is appropriate and beneficial for the learning of the elderly. Five pilot schools for the elderly, led by senior teachers or Khru Koe (Health Communicator by Khru Koe), are tasked with the use of the curriculum to expand the outcomes of enhancing media literacy. This is undertaken alongside the online game STAAS to teach and test media literacy skills before and after study.


  1. b) Creation of online game innovation to enhance media literacy skills under the concept of self-learning. The Center regularly develops the online game STAAS by providing content based on current events about the harmful effect of the media on the elderly in their daily lives. The game format can appeal to and reach older players from diverse educational backgrounds.


  1. Communication for social policy


  1. a) The Center’s communication activities emphasize the presentation of primary and secondary academic materials in various formats. In addition, it disseminates information regarding the improvement of media literacy practices for the elderly, including plans to implement the Wai Petch Media Literacy Curriculum and its trainer development.


  1. b) The Center continuously disseminates educational material and establishes a network to collaborate with government agencies and other public sectors. It strives to be a vehicle for increasing awareness and influencing social policies to promote media literacy among the elderly in Thailand.